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"First of all, the The Cohort Collective is one of the best programs I've ever been involved with. In fact, I didn't have any concrete job search strategy, but through this program I learned how to be well-organized in order to find accurate offers according to career goals and most importantly, use the best tools to break the ice during interviews. I also learned a lot about LinkedIn and networking. Talking about networking, I can honestly say that this is the first time I learned how to network with people of interest according to my career goals. What is more amazing is how detailed the career vault tools were. They provided strategies for almost every aspect of career development, so it makes it easy to put in practice what we learned during group session calls. Owing to what I've learned during those sessions, I feel more confident for my future job search since I know that I have the right tools that will help me stand out among other candidates."


Data Scientist         


Summer 2021 Cohort         


"Thank you for giving me the chance to participate in this amazing program, it truly helped a lot especially since in my part of the world, all we learn about career development is how to write a formal letter and how to be professional. I learned a lot from the first week itself. The coaching on resume making, ATS and how to apply apart from job boards helped a lot. I hope to overcome my introverted-ness and network more as I learned how important that skill is. The individual sessions were a HUGE help since I could freely discuss any doubts I had and get proper answers. They also helped me boost my confidence so I could talk more while networking. I have already recommended this program to a few friends of mine who have recently graduated and are also struggling with the job search. I am confident that I will be able to apply what I have learned and land a good job soon!"


Software Engineer         


Summer 2021 Cohort         


"The Cohort Collective curriculum was excellent! The job searching process is complex and challenging, and I definitely leveled up my strategy through the applicable material and 1:1 coaching sessions where we worked on my resume and networking skills. I feel more confident with the resources provided to streamline my search and land my first time position. Anyone looking for support in securing their first position should join this cohort!"


Instructional Designer         


Summer 2021 Cohort         


"This program has given me so many tools for career development, tools which I did not have before. The credit goes to The Cohort Collective team. I are hoping that I can land a dream role through this, not only me but all the Cohorts. I recommend this program because my career coach is a mentor, not only professionally but personally, and provides solutions to my problems. Until next time, stay bold."


Aerospace Engineer         


Summer 2021 Cohort         


"Filling out the application form to become a Cohort at The Cohort Collective was one of my best decisions. I believe in doing things differently. Same goes for my career growth - I always wanted to do something great but I did not how. And here at The Cohort Collective, I got my answer in terms of job searching. Right from resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and interviews, I got to know so many things that I did not know before. All six weeks were incredibly and systematically designed that it just felt right. I understood how to start the job search which is a very fundamental step. I learned the different strategies to follow while tailoring resumes. And networking week was a total asset for me. The final step was interviews, where I got to know different techniques and ways in which I should prepare effectively. The whole program has totally boosted my confidence in the journey of my job search and I am confident that I will land one soon!"


Aerospace Engineer, Writer         


Summer 2021 Cohort         



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